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Distance to Int. Airport
Airport to Central Station
Direct Destinations Served
Airport Connectivity
Distance to Intl. Train Station
City Topics
City Subtopics
Number of Museums
Number of Restuarants
Convention Bureau
Subvention Offered
University Ranking
Global 500 HQ
Avg. Dinner Cost (for 2)
Avg. Beer Cost
One Way Ticket Cost (local)
Avg. Taxi Cost (for 8 km)
Safety Index
Climate Index
Local Currrency
Avg. Temperature (October)
Avg. of Sunny Days
Total Number of Hotel Rooms
Avg. Hotel Rate
Biggest Exhibition Space (m²)
Hotel City Tax
Environmental Policy
Hybrid Event Solutions
Features Available During Hybrid Event
CB Services for Hybrid Events
Sustainabilty Index Score
Achieved SDG Goals
Focused SDG Goals

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